The Dream

When Ocean People originally began, it was solely about creating new jobs for a couple of friends who were sick of working in hospitality. Over the years we have evolved. The store has become a hub for friends, visitors, families, activists, for raising awareness, for raising support, and for community solidarity. The fashion industry has a terrible reputation for its damage to our environment and for its long history of exploiting human kind through cheap labour and poor conditions. With this at the forefront of our minds, we have researched and made changes constantly throughout our whole journey. We are always striving to do better, not only for ourselves, but for our community, both local and global. On the 6th March 2020, Ocean People became plastic free. We proudly swapped our last remaining plastic coat hangers for wood and donated them all to charity. It was such a proud moment. Now the only plastic that enters the store is from the few remaining labels that send their clothing individually packaged in single use plastic. However, as a team we will continue to strive to support labels that keep sustainability at their forefront and aim to phase out single use plastics in all aspects of our store, from supplier to customer to ensure our personal environmental footprint is minimal.We are excited for the future of Ocean People and look forward to keeping you up to date with our journey along the way.

Lana xx



The heart and soul of Ocean People! The only thing that tops this 10/10's passion for her store is her love for tuna and rice. Lana's super power is to take one look at a plant and make it grow. Will flirt her way out of heavy lifting. She is a whirlwind of creativity, contagious energy and laughter, we love this girl boss!