Our Beautiful Bermagui


Situated on the South Coast of New South Wales, lies the small town of Bermagui. Surrounded by Australian native flora and fauna and a loving and sustainable like-minded community, this area of land was and always will belong to the traditional custodians of the land - the Yuin people.

Mount Gulaga, the ‘mother mountain’ that faces and protects the land, overlooks the town of Bermagui and remains as one of the most popular tourist attractions to the area, keeping in mind.. this view is an absolute standout from our store.



Our store, ‘Boho Republic’ represents the free-minded culture of coastal living with touches of bohemian and beachy apparel. Focusing primarily on supplying locally supported brands, surfing accessories and sustainable fabrics, we can proudly say that all our stockists are of high ethical standards and we as a store, strive to be 100% plastic-free.



Some of the brands we stock here at Boho Republic include, Thrills Byron Bay, Wrangler, Riders, Rhythm, Will & Bear, Wandering Folk, Bed Threads, Teva, Fabric of Society and Indosole to name a few. Our surfboards are supplied by a Sydney company known as Spooked kooks, made from post-consumer plastics.


Focusing on good quality basics and trans-seasonal pieces, we aim to supply clothing and accessories that can be worn year-round. Our all-natural fibres make for the perfect addition to your wardrobe and are a great alternative to polyester fabrics. When you shop natural, you are contributing to saving our mother earth, improving the breathability of your skin and slowing down the process of fast-fashion.



If you ever find yourself in the area and in need of some new threads, please come for a visit and see what we have in-store. Offering our online web shop alternative, we receive new stock weekly and tend to supply more in-store than online.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first of many blog posts to come. Much love, Boho Republic.


Written by our dear friend, Ebony Kingma

Beautiful photography of Bermagui by David Rogers - 


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